Setup Questions

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Setup Questions

Beitrag von trent066 » 20. Jan 2020, 19:25

I am currently using 2.5 and use a Windows 10 PC as the "server" that is always powered on to manage my systems at home. I also use the mobile app. It works great. I wanted to get away from having my Windows 10 PC constantly powered on so I recently purchased a Synology NAS. I see that I can install Lights Out 3 on the NAS but it seems like a cumbersome setup. The documents state that I have to install the management console on a Windows machine. So I cant manage my settings and clients from the NAS? What about the mobile app, can that connect to the NAS so I can manage my systems or do I have to connect to the Windows machine? Does that mean I have to have this Windows machine powered on constantly? Thanks for your time and support in the past.

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Re: Setup Questions

Beitrag von Martin » 24. Jan 2020, 17:36

The cumbersome installation will be addressed in release 3.5 which is just around the corner. Then you only have to install Mono and Lights-Out without further configuration on the server.

Yes, you have to install the management console on a Windows 10 machine. The Windows machine does not have to be power on. Only if you want to make same changes or verify some settings In Lights-Out.
A web based UI is planned for Lights-Out 4 but that's far away.

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