Can't wake Win10 Server from Android app

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Can't wake Win10 Server from Android app

Beitrag von beeswax » 29. Aug 2022, 11:53

Hi, I'm a new user on a trial license and having the issue described in thread title.

My network comprises of a Windows 10 machine, which is acting as the LO server and 4x HP Microserver Gen8's all running Windows Server 2019. I am only wanting to use very basic functionality i.e. be able to sleep/hibernate all the Microservers and Win10 machine and wake them on-demand, I only need to be able to do this from the local network, Wake over WAN is not something I will ever need.

I've installed LO server 3.7.1 and then the client on all Microservers. I can successfully Hibernate all the Microservers from the LO android app or server console, I can also S3 Sleep the Win10 server from the Android app. The problem is waking the Win10 server again, the Android app doesn't seem to be able to do this.

The Intel network adapter on the win10 machine is configured correctly for WoL, using a different WoL app from the Android app store (Wake On Lan by Mike Webb) I can wake the server successfully but when I launch the LO Android app, it tells me the server is offline and asks if I want to "wake and retry", which I do but nothing happens after repeated presses. One touch in the 3rd party WoL app and the server wakes.

In the "My Device" section of the mobile app, I have enabled "Wake Server" and "Allow server suspend".

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Re: Can't wake Win10 Server from Android app

Beitrag von Martin » 30. Aug 2022, 21:55


can you please start the app and connect to the server. Then tap on "my server". Is wake enabled here?
Or use the console, go to mobile devices, double click on the android device and check if wake is enable there.

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