Client version

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Client version

Beitrag von jpfrost » 13. Apr 2018, 12:43

Hi, I have just migrated my server to Windows 2016 Essentials.

I have managed to connect my client PC's fine except one which is not showing the version number and seems to be stuck saying that it is backing up (which it isn't) - see attached. The only difference is that this PC is running Windows 7 (as it's my mediacenter PC)
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Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Client version

Beitrag von Nobby1805 » 13. Apr 2018, 13:35

I will move it to the English LightsOut forum
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Re: Client version

Beitrag von Martin » 17. Apr 2018, 07:57

The Lights-Out client is either missing or disconnected. If the client software exists, then try to reconnect with this method: ... uters.html
Otherwise install the client software: ... ation.html

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