Online Lights-Out 2 Client appears Offline?

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Online Lights-Out 2 Client appears Offline?

Beitrag von therealglyn » 12. Apr 2018, 14:49

Hi all,
I've a WHS 2011 Server running LO, with an up to date client. The client shows in Computers as Offline, despite being up. I currently have a backup in progress, that the LO console shows as "Running, 19% Aborted". There appears to be no network connectivity issues (I only have one laptop, and I use RDP to connect to the headless server from it).
Any ideas what I should try first? Any known issues?
Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.

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Re: Online Lights-Out 2 Client appears Offline?

Beitrag von Martin » 17. Apr 2018, 07:50

If the client is offline under "Computer & Backup" then it's an issue with WHS connector. In that case try to reinstall the connector software.
If the client is online under "Computer & Backup" but offline in Lights-Out computers, then try to reconnect the client to Lights-Out using this method: ... uters.html

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