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Beitrag von milleron » 6. Sep 2019, 23:49

I'm confused about the Action described in the Blog post announcing Lights-Out for Synology.
If the NAS is scheduled to enter Advanced HD Hibernation after a period of inactivity, which would lead to System Hibernation, why would one want to have Lights-Out 3 perform a Shutdown (the only Action possible on a Synology NAS) after a different period of inactivity?
Can a Synology NAS (current series) be awakened by a magic packet after it's been literally "shut down?"

Wouldn't I want to leave Action in L-O Settings set at "No Action" so that the NAS could put itself into Advanced HD Hibernation after inactivity and then have it resume automatically when any client is booted or resumed?

I'm wondering if there shouldn't be a separate section in the Online Help for Synology since its management seems so different from Windows Server.

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Re: Action?

Beitrag von Martin » 10. Sep 2019, 10:25

HD Hibernation is not the same as system hibernation. It puts only the HDs into a power saving mode. Synology doesn not support a "real" standby or hibernation. The only supported action is a shutdown.

To wake a Synology after shutdown, you can use either a magic packet (WOL) or set a Lights-Out calendar schedule.

It's not that different from a Windows server, but it only has shutdown to save energy.
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