Can Windows 11 Be Both Server and Client?

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Can Windows 11 Be Both Server and Client?

Beitrag von whoareyou » 26. Mär 2023, 16:37

Currently I have a server 2016 with wndows 11 machine that is a client to a 2016 server and uses 2016 machine for backup.
The windows 11 machine has some server type apps that I don't want on the 2016 machine, and these apps are used by various computers such as Pi's.

I'd like to install LO3 server component on the windows 11 machine to take advantage of features i.e. such as scheduling server uptime. These PI units would be clients of the windows 11 server via the LO raspberry Pi client install.

Is there any conflict with installing server and client software on same windows 11 machine?

Windows 11 machine remains client of windows server 2016 machine for it's own backup, but windows 11 LO server has it's own set of these i.e. raspberry pi clients.


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Re: Can Windows 11 Be Both Server and Client?

Beitrag von Martin » 27. Mär 2023, 09:23

You can install both server and client, but it's not recommended.
Both server and client software are now controlling the machine and that may result in conflicts. So carefully check your setting.

A PRO license includes two servers.

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