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Error logging in

Verfasst: 25. Nov 2022, 14:43
von keefb
I have been using Lights Out 2 on Server Essentials 2016, current Version 1607 build 19493.5501 since 2017 without any problems. I have a licence file. I updated to way back & all was well. At the end of October I saw that Lights Out had stopped working. When I open the console I get a logon error "An error occurred while sending the request. The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on a send."

I have tried using the admin account as well as the system account. I have uninstalled & deleted all files in program data as well as all registry keys that include "axonet". Reinstalling makes no difference. Same login error.

Is this a Windows update issue? Will I be forced to upgrade to V3?

Re: Error logging in

Verfasst: 25. Nov 2022, 15:45
von Martin

You should run the Lights-Out SLL wizard on the server. The old certificate probably expired. Version 2 does not handle that automatically.
Version 3 tried to update expired certificates automatically.


Re: Error logging in

Verfasst: 7. Dez 2022, 21:14
von PaulCrowther
I've been using Lights-Out for many years without any issues, but just came across the same issue as the original poster.
Very impressed it took less than a minute to find the answer here.