Client Keeps Another Client Active?

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Client Keeps Another Client Active?

Beitrag von turbofeet » 21. Dez 2018, 13:19

I have Light-out 2.5 Server Installed on my WHS 2011 and it all works nicely.

I have 2 x HTPCs with the Client Installed and the Server is correctly woken up when the client machines wake/boot up.

I also have the client installed on another machine (Let's call it TVPC) that I use to record TV Shows via DVBViewer. I am looking to ask DVBViewer to wake to record shows and Sleep when not recording to save energy.

However if I do this then I cannot watch the Recorded TV Shows on my HTPCs unless the TVPC happens to be awake.

Am I able to configure Lights-Out so that while the HTPCs are on; the TVPC remains awake too?

Or; can I keep a client active all the time that the WHS server is active? Can it work that way round?



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Re: Client Keeps Another Client Active?

Beitrag von Martin » 27. Dez 2018, 23:25

Hi Martijn, that's currently not possible. I have added the idea to the wish list.
Currently you can only assign a fixed schedule via calendar to TVPC.

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