Setting Up On A HP Microserver Gen 8 **HELP!***

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Setting Up On A HP Microserver Gen 8 **HELP!***

Beitrag von Jurgen » 5. Dez 2018, 09:39

Hi guys I am looking for some help in setting up Lights Out 2 on a HP Microserver Gen 8 running Windows Server 2012 R2, the software is installed but I cannot get it to hibernate the server and then restart at a scheduled time, I believe I have enabled Hibernate? but its says hibernate is not supported in the lights out console, so has anyone in here managed to get this software working on a HP Microserver? i also have an an older gen HP Microserver running Server 2012 R2 that i would like to get it working on as well.

Many thanks in advance for any help and support, guided walk throughs anyone can offer me please :D

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Re: Setting Up On A HP Microserver Gen 8 **HELP!***

Beitrag von Martin » 13. Dez 2018, 08:38

To enable hibernation open cmd.exe with admin rights and enter

powercfg -h on

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