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uninstall version 1.6 client on macOS

Verfasst: 3. Mär 2017, 23:12
von milleron
I have Version 2 running perfectly on macOS Sierra, but the client for version 1.6 is still present, too. It does not interfere with the function of the Version 2 client, but its icon still appears in the task bar and is easily confused with the version-2 client's icon. I can easily choose to "Quit" the 1.6 client, but, of course, it launches every time the computer is rebooted, so I'd like to know how to uninstall it. I thought it would be uninstalled when I uninstalled version 1.6 from the WHS 2011 Dashboard, but apparently it was not. I've searched the manual, but all I find is the method that's supposed to uninstall this old client when the older version of Lights Out was uninstalled from the Server.

Re: uninstall version 1.6 client on macOS

Verfasst: 9. Mär 2017, 14:56
von Martin
The first step is to disable the automatic start of 1.6. Go to system preferences, users & groups, login items. Disable LightsOut Agent.
Now it depends if you run a WHS or a standalone server:
WHS: Remove the directory /Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Launchpad/Data/LightsOutAgent.bundle
Standalone: Remove Applications/LightsOut Agent


Re: uninstall version 1.6 client on macOS

Verfasst: 9. Mär 2017, 21:17
von milleron
Thanks, Martin,
I'd already disabled the LightsOut Agent in Login Items, but I hadn't found the files under Launchpad/Data. I never would have thought to look under Microsoft/Launchpad.
All is well, now.