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Wake-on-Lan Proxy with Raspberry Pi

Verfasst: 24. Jun 2021, 03:55
von scothouse
Apologies if this question is posted in the wrong forum. I tried my best to find a spot where it might be found but not intrude on more pressing conversations.

Thank you so much for the very helpful instructions detailing how to use a Raspberry Pi as a proxy server for the Wake-On-Lan (WOL) function. ... pberry-pi/

Everything in your instructions is quite clear. However, I was curious if the client receiving the magic packet (i.e., the client to be woken) must be wired to the Raspberry Pi via ethernet, or if only the Pi's wifi connection is needed when broadcasting the magic packet. I understand the client must be connected to the LAN via ethernet for the WOL function to work. My client computers in question are currently wired to my network via ethernet and a wireless client bridge. Can I simply add the Pi to my network with a wifi interface for purposes of both receiving the WOL packet from the router as well as broadcasting it back out to the network?

Thanks again for your help in this.

Re: Wake-on-Lan Proxy with Raspberry Pi

Verfasst: 28. Jun 2021, 13:27
von JoachimL
a Wifi connection for the Pi should do, unless your access point implements filtering/isolation of clients (some do, often for guest networks).
Regards, Joachim