Microsoft FAQ zu Backup/Restore Problemen

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Microsoft FAQ zu Backup/Restore Problemen

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MS hat folgende FAQ zu Backup bzw. Restore Problemem veröffentlicht

Aus meiner Sicht nichts Neues bis auf den Hinweis auf die Index-Datei ... leider ist dies die einzige Datei der Backup-Datenbank wo ich bisher noch keine Plan habe welche Aufgabe die genau hat (obwohl Index ja eigentlich schon ein heißer Hinweis ist ...)
Microsoft am 15.03.2011 hat geschrieben:Backup and Restore Trouble Shooting FAQ (Part 1)
General steps when backup and restore fails
Most of the backup and restore failures are caused by server missing updates, network connection issue or hard disk failure. If you get into any of the backup or restore issues, start with the following steps:
1. Make sure your Windows Home Server is up to date.
a) Open the console and click Settings->General.
b) Click the Update Now button in the Windows Update section to install the latest update.
2. Make sure your client connect to your server via wire connection.
3. Run chkdsk to address the hard disk issue on the client.
a) Run “chkdsk [driver-letter] /f /r” on all volumes on the client you want restore to.
4. Run chkdsk to address the hard disk issue on the server.
a) Remote to your server, open the command console, and run the following command lines.
b) net stop whsbackup
c) chkdsk D: /f /r
d) chkdsk C: /f /r
e) for /d %1 in (C:\fs\*) do start chkdsk /f /r %1
f) net start whsbackup

If the issue still occurs after the above steps, refer to following guidance.

Restore or Open backup fails on 81%
Symptoms: Normally you will hit this when you open a backup from your client, progressing to 81%, and finally fail to mount the volume.
Cause: This usually happens when your backup database has some inconsistent data. The root cause could either be hard disk failure or memory corruption.
Resolution: Please be aware that repairing the database in this case usually involves deleting damaged files; this may lead to losing some or all backup data. We suggest you backup your database as instructed and follow each steps carefully.

1. Follow the general steps above to fix the common issue.
2. Try following steps to ensure it is not client specific issues:
1) Try opening the same backup from other clients via Console. If you can successful open the backup, you could get the data from that client.
2) If you have older backups contain the same files you need, try opening that backup from your client and copy the files out.

3. If you still have problem, start the repair steps below:
1) First, we suggest you backup your database by copying the entire folder D:\folders\{00008086-058D-4C89-AB57-A7F909A47AB4} to other volume. If you loss some backups during the troubleshooting steps, you can get your whole database back by copying the data back to the same folder.
2) Then, Optionally Delete Index.*.dat file under D:\folders\{00008086-058D-4C89-AB57-A7F909A47AB4}
(Note, Deleting Index.*.dat may cause the repair wizard to delete some or all back up data. Make sure to save your backup database before take this step)
3) Open the Console->Settings->Backup, click Repair button to check and fix the database.
4) Try restoring from your client, if you still have problem, you need delete all your backup data:
Remote to your server, open the command window, run the following command lines to delete the backup database.
• net stop whsbackup
• del /f /q “D:\folders\{00008086-058D-4C89-AB57-A7F909A47AB4}”
• net start whsbackup
This will force a new database to be created, and future backup and restore will succeed under new database.
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