Level 2 PC Technician (PC Technician II)

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Level 2 PC Technician (PC Technician II)

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A PC Technician installs, maintains, and upgrades hardware and software of an entire organization’s computer systems. The individual, moreover, also supports servers and networking equipment in that environment. Working under general supervision.

When necessary, they escalate problems by following proper policies and procedures. Technicians act as intermediaries between clients and their organization’s support staff for guaranteeing problem explanations precisely and also to keep communicating with clients during the process of problem resolution. They need to document records of problems and their troubleshooting precisely and punctually.

Because of the nature of the job, technicians would need to work flexible hours and perform other related tasks when the need for computer support arises. They also set up systems for new employees.

Level 2 PC Technician should be able to multi-task and work on projects until they are complete. Furthermore, they need to have experience in using communications and network diagnostic equipment, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to explain technical concepts to people from non-technical backgrounds, aptitude to understand and follow standard operating procedures, and being able to perform under trying circumstances.

Most common problems that users face and technicians have to solve are as following: slowing down of computers and freezing, driver issues which cause peripherals, such as keyboards, printers, and other peripherals not functioning properly, slowing of internet speed, app commands not responding, slow download speeds, attachments not opening, pop-up ads appearing, corrupted files, system shutting down abruptly, and computer screen is jumbled, among others.

Computer Technicians II, as they are also referred to, resolve these issues promptly and guide all end users.

They will provide first tier and backup support for an organization or a client’s employees. Technicians must keep themselves updated with the latest developments on the technology front, as they must be able to act when new and unexpected events occur.

Finally, to resolve all problems, they must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

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